Memory Lane is your one stop shop for smart temporary hospitality solutions. Our modular system allows you to create fully functional restaurants, diners and bars in less than 48 hours. We offer different nostalgically themed set-ups to fulfil different needs or preferences and to create new lasting memories.

Let’s get to work

From setting the scene…

We can deliver a turn-key solution for your temporary restaurant or bar quest. We will build the diner of your choice in less than 48 hours where after you can use it and do your own. We will also set a time and date for you to vacate the construction so that we can derig and take it away, just leaving the freshly created memories behind.

…to the cherry on the cake.

We can also deliver the dream. One of our memory makers (project managers) will work with you to create a proposal only you could have thought of. Together with you we will design a truly unique lasting memory, detailed out in all aspects. Exquisite fine-dining, gripping live-entertainment, aesthetic brand-integration and so much more… We can write the story that you want to tell.


One hundred covers is not doing it for you? Why not extend the duration of your event over a couple of days, increase the number of services in one day or bring several of our restaurants together and create your own Memory Lane…

Application form

Please try to be as specific as possible in the description of your project: date, period, capacity, specific wishes, catering and live-acts, …