The Meat District - Info

The year is 1912, Manhattan, New York.

It’s a hot and sweltering evening and it looks like it will stay like this for a while.Thick beams of red, setting sunlight are piercing through the skyscrapers; plumes of steam are rising high out of the manhole covers beneath.This is the meatpacking district. The streets are jammed with trucks, people are rushing up and down the pavement, all trying to race each other but going nowhere. From the corner, out of a grand brick building, right next to one of the biggest slaughterhouses in the area, something is cooking… Someone’s crooning blues tunes from the first floor. The smell of sweet marinade, grilled meat and summer is spilling out of the window, filling the street with a lingering nostalgia. Welcome to the Meat District!

‘The Meat District’ is a modular front-of-house restaurant construction, the standards are:

  • Measurements: 9m deep, 13m wide and 5 m high
  • Seated 100 people + 20 terrace & Walking dinner 180 people
  • Full-equipped interior- & exterior decoration with eyecatchers
  • Furniture: Bar, tables, chairs, benches
  • Standard music system for background music.

However, we are aware that no memory is ever standard… Therefore, we offer the possibility to customize almost every part of the process and the execution. A more intimate setting, a specific type of set-up for presentations or some subtle branding perhaps? Memory Lane will work with you to create the right atmosphere and make your memory last…